Golf in Florida

I had a great conversation with Cathy today who was introduced to me by Tina. I met Tina in Los Angeles at the Braveheart Women’s Rise event. ¬†We both struck up an immediate connection.

So Cathy and I started talking about putting the golf tournament together in Florida and it is one of the things she is particularly interested in. It will be easier for her since she has many of the contacts and the resources that will be necessary to make the golf tournaments successful.

We will be looking for 12 private courses who will have the Golf Pro nominate 11 of their best golfers to compete against the other private courses. The foursome that wins will have bragging rights for being the best foursome out of the 36.

Then we arrange five more tournaments and have a seventh tournament to see who the best foursome is among all 216 foursomes.

The private course who the foursome has amazing bragging rights to having the pro who guides their members to being better golfers. That will interpret to more members for the club.

The golf pros will also compete for being the best of the 12 pros which will also give the club great bragging rights. It is a wonderful way of bringing the pros together and offering the private clubs more visibility.