Golfing in Belize

I was introduce to¬†Trevor Miles and Cathy Barothy¬†in Belize who is developing a property Smuggler’s Run Plantation, that is 1,000 acres. It will include a championship Golf Course, condos and a beautiful clubhouse.

Trevor has also aligned with the Golf Cruise Line who will be using Smuggler’s Run as a golf destination. Be sure to take a look at the website, the renditions are beautiful.

Imagine being the winning 4 some of the TeeOff and winning a week in Belize at the Smuggler’s Run Resort. It will be an amazing vacation and one you’ll be talking about for years.

So get involved in our Golf Club Challenge around the U.S. and maybe we’ll see you in Belize. You’ll be able to come by and check out our progress at the school. (we will have a live cam on site once we break ground)

But seeing the school in person will certainly inspire you!

The school is 20,000 square feet on each of the four levels. The school will have all the required curriculum designed in multi media so the courses will look like a Star Wars movie and make it easier to have the students retain what they’re learning.

In the afternoons, each student will take all of the alternative and elective courses over their three years of residence. The courses will be taught by experts in the field and will include electrical engineering, plumbing, construction, cooking, sewing, herbology, agricultural, performing arts, sports and even fine arts.

The visiting instructors will have access to residency while they are teaching their courses!

So welcome to our amazing alternative education process and we look forward to meeting you soon!