Outsource Tournament Services

Great Golf Events provides a single-vendor solution to facilitate and manage all the necessary arrangements associated with your golf event.  Our golf tournament planning services are designed to manage the golf event marketing, administration and logistical tasks that are traditionally managed by the Client/Golf Committee.  While we eliminate these time consuming tasks, the Golf Committee responsibilities become more simplified – allowing the Committee to focus on promoting the golf event; along with concentrating on other existing business matters associated with their day-to-day responsibilities.

Our group destination planning services facilitate and manage all the logistics associated with your group’s specific needs.  From destination options, multiple golf venues, sightseeing for the spouses, hotel accommodations, transportation, group dinners, etc., we organize and manage all the details to make your trip a memorable experience.

Standard Services Include:

  • Custom Website: Trip Details and Pre-Trip Online Registration (if requested)
  • Golf Escort Concierge: Group Facilitator-Travels w/Group and is Contact Prior to Travel
  • Golf Course Arrangements: Multiple Venues & Days
  • Air Travel Arrangements: Block or Individual
  • Transportation Arrangements
  • Hotel Arrangements
  • Group Special Arrangements: Golf Awards/Gifts, Dinners, Spouse Activities