Golf Tournament Builds Charity


Categories of Charity Golf Tournaments

Here are two main categories of charity golf tournaments, each with its own technique of raising money. The first kind is the celebrity golf tournament. Celebrity golf tournaments draw crowds of people to watch celebrities and professional golfers play a round of golf. Otherwise, a charity golf tournament can also be open to the public. Public charity tournaments commonly include at least one round of golf for the contestants, commonly alongside cocktail receptions, dinners, auctions or other social events.

How Do Charity Golf Tournaments Raise Money?

Celebrity charity golf tournaments usually raise money by selling tickets, franchises and merchandise to those who join the event. Because large crowds of individuals are fascinated to see the celebrities who attend such tournaments, the events can often raise large amounts of money. Celebrity events also regularly make money by getting benefactors to donate to the event. Public charity golf events, on the other hand, raise money by charging participants and sometimes through additional fund-raising methods such as auctions. People who participate in a public charity golf tournament may be required to pay large amounts of money.

Various Examples of Each Type of Charity Golf Tournament

Examples of celebrity charity golf tournaments include events such as the Trash master’s International Pro-Am (Aspen, Colorado), the Detroit Red Wings Annual Charity Golf Tournament (Metropolitan Detroit, Michigan), and the American Century Championship (Lake Tahoe, Nevada). Examples of public charity golf tournaments include events such as the Skylar Neil Charity Golf Tournament (Simi Valley, California), the Whale Quest Kapalua Tournament (Kapalua Resort, Hawaii) and the Waddell and Reed Financial Services Charity Golf Tournament (Nashville, Tennessee).