Putting Contest

I lived in Walnut Creek in the 80’s and my neighbors well Paul and Jeannie Masters. Every year they would have a Master’s Tournament at a small course in Pleasant Hill.

They finally convinced me to play in their tournament, but with the memories of being able to throw the ball further than I could hit it, playing golf wasn’t my idea of a fun time.

But they convinced me it wasn’t about playing well but enjoying the day with a group of fun people.

So I went and never once hit a ball they were able to use in the “best shot” rule. But what surprised me was the putting contest. It was based on team elimination and then putting against each of the best. It took over an hour and it was a lot of fun. Everyone was cheering on the side lines around the tee and it was hard to put with all the laughter.

But, guess who won . . .