Years ago I organized eleven tournaments for various non profits, but most of them were for children’s organizations.

I love the idea a simple event like playing golf, which the golfers would do anyway, willingly play golf to support an organization and help them raise funds.

It’s great to be on the golf course in the first place, but being around people who know how to make business happen regardless of what’s happening in the economy is a blast.

It is great to know people who are creative and by working together, they are always making business ventures happen.

One day during a planning meeting I was waiting for the rest of my team to show up and I overheard two men negotiating to buy a building; three men offering investment advice to each other; two couples talking about their upcoming vacation and several others discussing various business transactions they were involved in.

There weren’t any conversations about how difficult things were financially or the lack of anything. It was so refreshing. It was also about three months after the dot com bomb . . . when almost everyone was finding reasons to complain about the economy.