During the three years I had care of my brother, we managed to accomplish many projects in Chico. But we also created an environment for youth where they felt safe and could have fun without being at risk.

I found a club who lost their liquor license and talked them into opening an under 21 club. I auditioned kids who played a musical instrument and grouped them into four to six members and helped them choose a name for their group.

They played in the club twice before the could earn $25 each and then they had enough experience to go out and earn more for their musical talent.

Everyone attending the club had to work at least one hour in lieu of paying an entry fee and the club ran very smoothly for the three years I was involved.

We were able to create the first work study program designed to give the boys on the job training. It was obvious the boys my brother became friends with were not college bound. It was a great way to hold their attention, allow them to earn their own money and get school credit so they could graduate.

I was very fortunate to have both the Reverend Jesse James and Jesse Jackson, who had organized the Mission Rebels in San Francisco, help me with the technical details of the organization.