Friends in High Places

I was talking with my friend Johnny Keller who is in Florida and has played golf with some of the major players. He’s had some of the big time golf coaches work with him and he is excited about the idea of having the golf tournaments raising funds for UBU.

He asked what he could do to help me with the fund raising and I asked him to introduce me to some of those connected with golf who might be interested in doing the tournaments around the country.

He’s the first person who asked me if I would consider doing multiple schools.

The answer, “yes!”

Plain and simple, the more s schools I can build, the more kids I can help. For every school, it will take about $4 1/2 million a year. It includes 30 teachers who have multiple expertise’s; about 10 support staff and 300 boys who will live at the school full time.

It’s possible to add on to the school and have multiple campuses on the same property to minimize the costs of expanding the number of kids we can help. It’s certainly something to consider and I’d be perfectly happy to add to the campus as long as it doesn’t take away from the quality of the education and the sense of security I want the boys to develop.