An Ends to a Means

Years ago I spear headed 10 golf tournaments for ten years for non profits. It was a lot of work and every week I had one or two meetings with the various organizations and committees.

I never minded and I donated all my time, including the ten Mondays I faithfully showed up at the golf course to ensure the tournament was orchestrated properly, everyone had a great time and the volunteers were well taken care of.

The hardest part of the tournaments was getting the 144 golfers to show up. Truly there is no shortage of golfers, but there are also more tournaments than any ten people could play over the season. So the competition is stiff to get the golfers to want to play in a specific tournament. After the first three years, we had a loyal following and rarely had any opening spots for the day.

One of the reasons was we made sure we took care of all the little extras. We assembled a great gift bag full of items like Bull Frog sun block, Titlelis golf balls, water resistant hand cream, chewing gum, wooden tees, and so on. Even the golf prizes were easy enough to come up with.

The volunteers came from the local ski clubs. Since the majority of the players were men, we usually brought in about 30 young attractive ladies who were mature enough to know how to behave and yet be a bit flirtatious. It was all in good fun and it was one of the reasons our golfers typically returned each year.

Then when faced with a $4.5 million budget for the operations of the Ultimate Business University,  I decided to dust off my old file folders, update the details of running golf tournaments and here we go.

The goal is to have at least 40 full time golf coordinators across the country within the next three years. So if you know of anyone who would like to earn a substantial income while helping us get these poor kids at risk off the streets while hanging out with the most positive and fun loving group of sports aficionados, let us know!