Dallas Golf

I have most of my family living in the Dallas area but none of them are avid golfers. I’ve asked a number of people which is the most coveted course and the one course that kept coming up as the ideal or most often requested course to play is Lakewood Country Club.

Lakewood Country Club was founded in 1912 and is a privately owned Country Club providing high quality golf, tennis, dining and social events, in a Country Club atmosphere.

We offer one of the finest golf courses in all of Dallas.

Jessie Clyman Barbara
Jessie Clyman Barbara

We now have Jessie Clyman Barbara heading up the series of 7 tournaments in the Dallas area. There will be six tournaments and a Tee Off all played before the end of July.

We’ll keep you posted on the dates as they are secured right after the first of the year.

I am sure Jessie will appreciate your help if you have any suggestions about playing in the Dallas area. She’s spent most of her time in the Dallas area, but came from Florida where most of her family still lives.

Most of the set up work, including the corporate sponsorship can be done from anywhere, so it is great to have Jessie on the UBU team!