Our Golf Team

Robin Ramsey has joined our team as the head coordinator of our golf fund raising project.

I have known Robin for more than 10 years and have to admit I admire her tenacity and ability to connect people from all walks of life.

Rob has three children, Jazz, Caitlian & Monte who are amazing kids. Of course all parents think their kids are amazing, but these kids truly are incredible. They are independent, innovative and respective. That doesn’t through happenstance.

So, having the skill to rise three teenagers and manage a career is a major accomplishment. So UBU and the Golf Club Challenge is delighted to have such an amazing talent on our team.

Now, combine that with the  stictuitiveness of someone who has manage to be uber successful in multi level marketing and you’ll begin to recognized why I am so elated be working with  Robin.

She is a great trainer and a force in nature. She has a personality to be reckoned with. She will keep the team in motion, dissolve their concerns and create a national award winning fund raising consortium.

It is with my greatest pleasure to introduce Robin to you as the golf club event manager.

She will guide all of our organizers towards a level of success and resiliency.