We had our first team meeting and it was amazing!

I can not imagine how I got so fortunate to attract so many amazing people in my life . Their talent and expertise will enrich our fund-raising efforts for UBU tremendously.

The team consists of :

Robin Ramsey, Team Leader for the Golf Coordinators

Kate Johnston, Team Leader for the Auctions

Golf Coordinators include:

  • Glena Stephenson – Houston, Tx
  • Gwen Blake – Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona
  • Jessee Barbara – Dallas, Texas
  • Leanna Tribiano – Bay Area, CA
  • Ruby Frandsen -Sacramento, Napa and Tahoe
  • Pam Terry – Houston, Tx

The Coordinators will be conducting six tournaments of 12 courses and a TeeOff competition to determine the best team of the 72 courses over a period of 3 to 4 months.

The golf world is a special environment in which I have had more than ten years experience in running ten tournaments a year for various non profits in the Bay Area, so it is especially dear to me for all the good the venue has provided.

This is an amazingly incredible method of gaining financial support for the school and involve the community at the same time.

We will be looking for more Golf Coordinators across the country as time goes on.

The auctions will be held at events sponsored by Country Clubs and will offer both sports and movie star memorabilia.

We will be looking for multiple events so please let us know if you are aware of ones we could participate in with the auction.