I am thrilled to get so much positive feedback from my Golf Coordinators. I was telling Robin how much fun it was to do the golf tournaments because of people’s attitudes in the golf world.

Robin thought it was because it was my project. I didn’t think so, because it was the same when I did all those golf tournaments in the 80’s and 90’s. I loved going out to the golf courses and working with the non profits.

Then on Friday Gwen called to tell me she had never worked in an environment where people were so happy and helpful.

Our regular monthly call was on Monday and Jacque said exactly the same thing. She couldn’t believe how much fun she was having and how great it was to work with so many people who are so positive.

There is something about the golf world where everyone seems to act as they are always in a good mood. It makes working with the golf pros and courses so much more fun than any other environment.

It is truly a pleasure to be working with this group of amazing people.