Progress Report

It’s hard to believe, but so far we have 7 regions of golf tournaments, 7 tournaments in each region and 21 tournaments scheduled.

It is my dream coming true!

The school these golf tournaments support will be constructed this year. We will take 300 boys off the streets and have an opportunity to house 3,000 boys within 10 years and build a second school for girls within 3 years.

It is an amazing privilege to be a part of such an undertaking and I am blessed to be surrounded by such an amazing team of people who are so focused on making sure these golf tournaments are done well.

It was more than ten years ago when I first thought of developing the Ultimate Business University. In the years it has taken me to develop the concept and get to this position, I have had many doubts. But to be  straight forward, I have never once thought it wouldn’t happen. I just never thought it would happen so seamlessly.

I was banking on a long hard road and I have been impressed at how much easier it has been than what I thought it would have been.

Everyone tells me it is because it is the right thing for me to do. Everyone says it is what I was born to do and my life lessons have led me to this very moment!

I choose to believe them!