The whole team is diligently working on getting corporate sponsors for the Golf Club Challenge. We have 49 tournaments scheduled and will have more than 6,500 individuals with multi-million dollar net worths involved in the tournaments. That is a great audience for any sponsor.

It doesn’t take more than one client to more than make the investment in sponsorship work.

I went to an event in San Francisco on Monday and met with one of the exhibitors. It was amazing how he was so interested in the project that he wanted to offer looking at the Wish List of all the things we need to have for the kids at the school.

I also met people who have game hosting, video advertising firms and an amazing amount of companies who are involved in cell phone advertising. Isn’t amazing how things change over the years? The major focus of advertisers is moving towards cell phones. I hate to admit it, because it makes me feel funky, but I hope they make sure there is a way to opt out of all the advertising coming into my cell phone.

But the main reason  for attending the event was to meet those who might be available for potential sponsorships.

Missioned accomplished!