Golf Tournaments

When I came up with the idea to use the golf tournaments to raise money for the Ultimate Business University UBU I had no idea what a major outreach this would become.

We are now in 7 states and 8 regions with the potential of 56 tournaments. There will be 132 golfers who are executives and members of private golf clubs playing in each or 7,392 decision makers and influencers. These are individuals who have thousands of contacts and a wide reach throughout their community.

There will also be nearly 600 golf pros involved throughout all the tournaments and they have 2 to 6 pros they work with and an untold number of pros they are in contact with plus the other members of the club where they work.

The goal for the Golf Club Challenge is to have 50 regions within 2 years and raise enough money every year to support the 3,000 boys and girls who will be included in UBU every year.

If you have any ideas for sponsorships, those who might want to run a tournament or volunteer, I would really appreciate an introduction.