Fund Raising

Golf tournaments are used to raise funds for many non profit organizations. During the mid 80’s to mid 90’s I would organize tournaments for 10 to 12 non profit organizations every year.

It was a great way to gain visibility for the non profit and a wonderful way to involve the local community with the non profit.

I have looked at many different fund raising concepts and the golf tournaments seem to be the best method raising funds. It is more challenging because of the perception of the bad economy, but most of the people I know have have made more money during the past two years than they typically would.

They have the extra cash to take advantage of great deals that become available because of others making bad decisions and have been subjected the downsizing of job displacement.

One way golf remains stable is because it is a game played by those who seem to be conscious of their economic growth potential. As an example, they read the newspaper, tune in to the news and stay abreast of what trends are more current.

That is why they can make better decisions as to what they can do financially. I love working with people in the golf world. They are the most fun and are so helpful. It’s one of the best reasons to work with golfers for fund raising for our kids at risk program.

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