I heard on Friday while watching the news on the Tsunami there was going to be a golf expo in Santa Clara over the weekend.

It turned out it was at the Great America. Santa Clara Convention Center all weekend. Of course I had to head down there (about 40 miles south of where I live) just to see who might be there who could possibly be a sponsor for our golf tournaments.

When I arrived, I was surprised that about 50% of the show was made of of apparel exhibitors. Then about 25% from financial planners who had erected golf swing imagery screens.

But, I found a few exhibitors who were very much aligned with what we are doing for our kids at risk.

One, Frank, who I met over the summer builds putting greens at homes. It is more popular for parents who want their children to become the next national contenders in the golf arena, but he also has a large audience among those who enjoy going out and putting on a regular basis.

I had a wonderful conversation with Robert who has his own golf magazine and organizes two golf tournaments every year. He was very open to talking about a sponsorship just based on our school concept.

The third contact was Stephen who is up at Rancho Marietta near Sacramento. Michael who is the golf pro there played pro sports and might be open to working with us on the golf tournaments with professional athletics.

All in all, it was a fun day, very productive and it opened up even more possibilities for the golf tournaments.