We are always looking for sponsors as a non profit organization, it seems like it is a never ending task. Generally there is no time to celebrate a new sponsor since lining up the next sponsor.

It is finally coming together, but only after the miracle of ending up with ten amazing corporate sponsorship fundraisers.  The background is as varied as it can possibly be, but the main thing is they are all on board and love the idea of working to take kids off the streets and be a part of helping them get an education they would never acquire otherwise.

This is a noble a just cause. Sure, there are many noble and just causes to choose from, but these are the kids, currently living on the streets because they have no where else to go. They have no idea where their next meal is coming from and no idea where they will be sleeping tonight, other than . . . on the streets!

We can make a major change in these youth’s lives, starting with the first 300 in 2012 who will graduate in 2015 and hopefully the majority will go on to college and then maybe back to the community they came from and who knows what the possibilities are.

That’s the idea, sponsors make the difference. One at a time, but now we have ten people going to bat for us and our golf tournaments.