The key foundation to fundraising for any non profit is in the level of corporate sponsorships. The major challenge of approaching the corporate segment for sponsorships is the competition is extreme.

All the non profits are going after their piece of the corporate funding that is set aside each year to support organizations who have been set up to make the world a better place.

The corporate world has been targeted for gift giving ever since there has been a mandate by the IRS to be a support mechanism for non profits. The real challenge is that non profits become reliant on the funding. Then for any number of reasons, the funding expires. Then the non profit has to start from scratch to find the funding they have been relying on.

One of the many reasons UBU is being funded through activities as well as corporate funding is to protect the longevity of the school’s operations. There is nothing worse than going through all the hard work and then finding out the funding has evaporated.

Sponsorships are great, but it is necessary to combine the sponsor activity with as many event as possible.

That way the non profit can continue to operate without interruption.