We have an amazing company available to our Golf Club Challenge and the Ultimate Business University.

If you know of a way to arrange to have 2-300 people attend an event, and you’d like to help UBU launch earlier and be a part of the process, let us know!

It is one of the easiest events to coordinate. Many groups and associations have more than 3 to 4 hundred attendees at events. It is a simple concept to convert any ordinary event into an incredible fundraising event.

The way the company operates is they bring in all the sports and movie star memorabilia and even stand by to offer explanations of the products and help encourage the attendees to bid on the auction items.

The average they are able to raise is about $75,000 for an evening and they will retain about 10% to cover their expenses.

It is one of the best events for non profits to entertain to raise funds and in a format that doesn’t require a great deal of time and effort on the non profit to see it through.